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Dammit, I finished my last day of law school classes on Wednesday. Never mind finals. I deserve a break, specifically a great movie. And I got one.

Iron Man trailers have had me excited for some time now. I'm not a huge fan of Tony Stark, but like any decent (reformed) comics geek I know who Happy Hogan (amusingly played by the director) is, and the name Rhodey had a specific meaning to me. I was even enough of a geek to LITERALLY smack my head at the end of the movie when one of the jokes had a fantastic payoff THAT I SHOULD HAVE SEEN COMING. Acronyms are easier to catch on paper...


A large part of what makes a movie like this work is casting. Ideally, it should be a good actor who is willing to take the part seriously. Slumming won't cut it for a role (to me) this important. Downey hits it out of the park. Like Hugh Jackman Wolverine out of the park. Downey pulled off all the cheesy cliches about Tony Stark and makes them seem natural. You could understand why everyone around Tony Stark put up with his obnoxious crap. Supporting actors were good as well.

The script and direction were good too. Catchphrases were not being jammed in at every opportunity; lines sounded like people would reasonably say them for the most part. Admittedly I haven't read a lot of Iron Man (or Avengers) but the movie felt consistent to me with what I was familiar with. I will allow for variations as long as the characters feel right to me (see X-Men) and this movie managed to capture that.

The effects were cool, but honestly given the previous two factors were less important to me.

To sum up: I am buying the superdeluxe version of this as soon as it comes out. Go see it. On the big screen where you can really watch Tony fly.
Rumors abound that Barack Obama was considering going to the Comic Con. Now, I'm sure it's a long shot at best, but he would get my loyalty. Do it, Obama!
bedroom toys

The A-Team. Now there is quality programming for you.
The more I see of the Iron Man movie, the more I want to see it. Right now. Robert Downey Jr. would never had occurred to me, but pure genius casting.
Via Slate:

Standards for submitting to a creationist journal. I especially like the part about how to submit your name under a pseudonym in case you are trying to get tenure.
I really like my job. I process serials. I check them into the computer, put various stickers and/or stamps on them, and distribute them to the right people. I also copy the ToC for professors so they can see what is current without having to use the paper copy or return anything.

Certain publishers are getting on my nerves, however.

I accept that there are going to be problems with student-run journals, which is the norm for law journals. Any other academic field, not so much. But there you are. I accept that journals run late; it happens.


Do you really HAVE to change the title of your journal? How does changing the title from University of whatever journal of labor relations to University of whatever journal of employee relations make a difference? At least enough to justify the aggro to catalogers and library patrons who are now lost? Libraries are by far the biggest market for these journals - you should be sucking up to us. Everyone else uses databases. Changing your title there isn't that much more useful to your readers.

I'm talking to you, University of Pennsylvania. Knock off the name changes unless your name is actively offensive or really no longer reflects the content of the journal.

Use some common sense on cover design. Give me some damn room for the stamps. If you can't leave me a margin for 3/4" sticker for your glossy, text-jammed cover, you are not doing your readers any favors either. Space is good. Don't get me wrong. I love having A ToC on the cover. Please print it on the inside, too.

By the way - an interesting sidenote on legal journals - generally, the most prestigious the journal, the cheaper it looks. Yale Law Journal, one of the oldest and most prestigious of the law journals, looks like crap. It's printed on newsprint, with a dingy looking paper cover. To look any cheaper, it would have to be mimeographed. Tier 4 journals - glossy, pretty, full photo cover. YLJ is easy to process. There is not an exact correlation, but it's right more often than not.

And a black cover with gold lettering - very declasse. And annoying, I use ink on paper covers but have to use stickers on black covers. Stop being so goth, I don't care if black and gold are your school colors. Besides, how many of us still care about school colors at this point in our careers? Just print your school logo, that's frequently done and can be unobtrusive.

Prepunching holes - please don't, unless your journal is 16 pages or less and explicitly comes with a binder. It's almost impossible to get the tattle tape in. Plus it looks lame.

Print a freaking indicia. I'm looking at you, library journals. If you can't be bothered to print your series number elsewhere, preferably conspicuously on the ToC page or the cover, it should be on the indicia. Which you really should have. I want your ISSN; with all the bloody name changes, it makes it easier to track journals down. I want dates.

And put dates on the journal! I want more than a bare issue number. A year is fine. A two-year span is fine. But put down something!

*pant* *pant*

In my perfect world, the publisher would note when they decided to skip two issues. Or, you know, publish all the issues in order.

Please try to keep the series numbers consistent. Now, admittedly this problem is far worse with comic books, but you are supposed to be highbrow academic people. You can't just start over, people are citing from these articles.

Off to class now. I hope Aardy got something out of this, at least. :)
Hope you are having a restful, happy, kitty-infested day.
This one ganked from jim_smith.

Directions: Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

He linked his; I couldn't be bothered. My band clearly thinks they are Radiohead or a less coherent Pink Floyd.

Band: T27 Armored Car
Album: Tanks in World War I

Track 1: Tokyo Metropolitan Subway Construction Company
Track 2: List of Sherman Fairchild companies
Track 3: 2003 NBA All-Star Game
Track 4: 5th Bengal European Cavalry
Track 5: Barbocet River
Track 6: Pete Chatmon
Track 7: Real music from chicago
Track 8: Chillingham
Track 9: The Phoenix Foundation (band)
Track 10: Fiona Balfour
Squirrel armor.

The very reason Al Gore invented the internet.