This one ganked from jim_smith.

Directions: Go to the Wikipedia home page and click random article. That is your band's name.
Click random article again; that is your album name.
Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

He linked his; I couldn't be bothered. My band clearly thinks they are Radiohead or a less coherent Pink Floyd.

Band: T27 Armored Car
Album: Tanks in World War I

Track 1: Tokyo Metropolitan Subway Construction Company
Track 2: List of Sherman Fairchild companies
Track 3: 2003 NBA All-Star Game
Track 4: 5th Bengal European Cavalry
Track 5: Barbocet River
Track 6: Pete Chatmon
Track 7: Real music from chicago
Track 8: Chillingham
Track 9: The Phoenix Foundation (band)
Track 10: Fiona Balfour